You’ve Been Tangoed…!

54c9370e-9dc8-4c83-9fe3-57bac0a8641aSo, Johnnie is out of ‘Strictly’. How do I feel about it? I’m fine with it actually. If, however, I’d had to listen to any more criticism of his footwork, balance, posture – in particular his ‘sticking out bum’ from judges who could not possibly have had any idea of the pressures he had put himself under ( obviously encouraged by others) I just might have exploded.
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Drawing the line…

I do like socialising but when it involves a certain formality it kind of ‘preys on my mind’ for days beforehand: what should I wear/should I get a cut and blow dry/who’ll be there that I don’t particularly want to ‘party’ with/ hope it’s not raining/ need to do something about these nails… and so on….. little thoughts that keep popping into my head, especially during the ‘riveting soaps’:…. ‘Corrie’( and BTW d’you think that thug is still ‘sleeping under’ Gail?) or ‘Eastenders’ (will somebody PLEASE give Ronnie a nine to five job!!) or ‘Emmerdale'( where they’ll soon need to be keeping a ‘Countryfile’ on all the burgeoning affairs in the village…. Paddy?!…Zak?!… is this truly rural, truly rural, truly rural?  Continue reading