The Fox and the Old Crow…

This is too much of a coincidence surely: I have, over the past few weeks, been mulling over various ideas for my first blog of 2018 –  but I’m afraid ‘the mulling’ has had to compete 1998049(mainly) with Netflix (yes I’ve been ‘binge watching’!),’phoning to keep in touch with the sick and the walking wounded, preparing for and cancelling ‘get togethers’ (see previous excuse) and generally ‘pfaffing about’ dodging the dreaded ‘lurgie’ while all around have been falling like foxes…..I mean flies. Continue reading

You’ve Been Tangoed…!

54c9370e-9dc8-4c83-9fe3-57bac0a8641aSo, Johnnie is out of ‘Strictly’. How do I feel about it? I’m fine with it actually. If, however, I’d had to listen to any more criticism of his footwork, balance, posture – in particular his ‘sticking out bum’ from judges who could not possibly have had any idea of the pressures he had put himself under ( obviously encouraged by others) I just might have exploded.
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Drawing the line…

I do like socialising but when it involves a certain formality it kind of ‘preys on my mind’ for days beforehand: what should I wear/should I get a cut and blow dry/who’ll be there that I don’t particularly want to ‘party’ with/ hope it’s not raining/ need to do something about these nails… and so on….. little thoughts that keep popping into my head, especially during the ‘riveting soaps’:…. ‘Corrie’( and BTW d’you think that thug is still ‘sleeping under’ Gail?) or ‘Eastenders’ (will somebody PLEASE give Ronnie a nine to five job!!) or ‘Emmerdale'( where they’ll soon need to be keeping a ‘Countryfile’ on all the burgeoning affairs in the village…. Paddy?!…Zak?!… is this truly rural, truly rural, truly rural?  Continue reading