Journey into Space…

download.pngThat’s correct. I’m clearing out! No,no!…. I’m not leaving – but my excess rubbish is.

It all began with a bag of old cards… well four bags actually which I decided there and then were to be ‘dumped’. My mind was made up…… I put my foot down with a firm hand.
I needed more space and I was determined to be ruthless in getting it. I mean what’s the point in holding onto bits and bobs which, I fear, will inevitably end up in a dustbin once I really do clear off? Makes sense to me…. unlike the neverending ‘Brexit’ n’ Boris Balderdash’ which continues to spew hourly from every media outlet and has succeeded only in scrambling my poor brain with information overload. I need something mundane to occupy me. Continue reading

Festina Lente….

imgresI have been munching on Easter cake (thanks, Poppy!), sipping tea and ruminating…… about everything and nothing. I like a good ‘ruminate’. I like to take time out of my retirement to just ruminate! At present I have serious scenarios to consider regarding a variety of health issues among family and friends…’s a bit like spinning plates: just when most are spinning steadily, two or three start to wobble and you find yourself being spread ever more thinly trying to keep the momentum going in the attention stakes, the sympathy stakes, the counselling stakes and in the purely practical organisation and running of the daily chores….. but then this is life.

Continue reading

The Fox and the Old Crow…

This is too much of a coincidence surely: I have, over the past few weeks, been mulling over various ideas for my first blog of 2018 –  but I’m afraid ‘the mulling’ has had to compete 1998049(mainly) with Netflix (yes I’ve been ‘binge watching’!),’phoning to keep in touch with the sick and the walking wounded, preparing for and cancelling ‘get togethers’ (see previous excuse) and generally ‘pfaffing about’ dodging the dreaded ‘lurgie’ while all around have been falling like foxes…..I mean flies. Continue reading