Journey into Space…

download.pngThat’s correct. I’m clearing out! No,no!…. I’m not leaving – but my excess rubbish is.

It all began with a bag of old cards… well four bags actually which I decided there and then were to be ‘dumped’. My mind was made up…… I put my foot down with a firm hand.
I needed more space and I was determined to be ruthless in getting it. I mean what’s the point in holding onto bits and bobs which, I fear, will inevitably end up in a dustbin once I really do clear off? Makes sense to me…. unlike the neverending ‘Brexit’ n’ Boris Balderdash’ which continues to spew hourly from every media outlet and has succeeded only in scrambling my poor brain with information overload. I need something mundane to occupy me. Continue reading

D’you think I came up the Clyde in a Gondola…

Many moons ago, B.S.P.( Before Strathclyde Park ) there was a well known town councillor, let’s call him ‘BB’ who was famous for his many ‘gaffes’. I was present at a concert when, in his opening remarks he expressed his great delight and gratitude that such a dense audience had turned out to support the event. At one meeting there was a discussion about The Clyde Park, as it was then known, and how it could be made more attractive and visitor friendly. One councillor, who had obviously enjoyed a taste of foreign travel, suggested putting a gondola on the river. Continue reading

Can you count on me?…

images-2.jpgConsider the citizens of Alberta….. yet another disaster of biblical proportions…. what did they save as they were driven out of their homes……….

I remember being posed the following question:

‘In the event of an uncontrollable conflagration and having been ordered to leave your home immediately, what would you take with you (assuming that family members and pets are safe) and why?.’…. Continue reading