My Story….’Brown Bird Singing’….

I’ve held on to this story for about thirteen years. Writing was, and still is my therapy. There is absolutely no doubt that it has helped me – a lot. I make no apologies for the content. As it is fairly lengthy, I will post it ‘a chunk’ at a time.

Life has gone on and a great deal has changed in my immediate and extended family so this has given me further material for ‘Book Two’ – already underway!

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‘All through the night there’s a little brown bird singing
Singing in the hush of the darkness and the dew
Would that his song
Through the stillness would go winging
Would go a-winging to you, to you.
All through the night time
My lonely heart is singing
Sweeter songs of love
Than the brown bird ever knew.’

‘Brown Bird Singing’ by Haydn Wood


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