Educating Nana


Good morning, little Isaac
Can you come out to play?
‘Oh no! I’m much too busy,
There’s lots to do today.

But Nana if you’re very good,
I’ll take you for a walk.
We’ll do a tour of the estate,
You listen – let me talk.

First we eat our shreddies,
Watch ‘Tich’ then ‘Miaow! and Miaow!’
Have a drink with toast and jam
Then clear away for now.

The sun’s not got his hat on
So we’ll put on boots today,
A body warmer, hat and gloves
And we’re ready for the fray.educnana8

Is that you sorted Nana?
Have you brought warm clothes to wear?
Don’t forget your camera!
Is that a roller in your hair?

We must take Warner with us
He needs his walkies too
And I’ll need to bring my wheelbarrow
If it’s all the same to you.

I like to run a littlle
Then stop and look around
O see it! See it, Nana!
A pidah on a ground!

Look how fast it’s running!
Babba do it too!
Top!top!’ittle ‘pidah!
I want to look at you!

Aw pidah gone! ‘Bye pidah!
You wait until I’m two!
I’ll be running even faster

Then I’LL CATCH YOU!            

Come over here now, Nana,
And look down on the ground,
Kick it with your foot like this
See if mousie’s around.

Don’t be frightened Nana,        
A mouse is so, so, small
It can run fast like a spider
And won’t hurt you at all!                           

Babba get stick, Nana get stick,
Now let’s dig in the 
Oopsadaisy! Dearyme!
This mousehole is a dud!

Tractor coming Nana!
Hold on to my hand
Stay beside me Nana,
Wonah! Wonah! Stand!   

Chalee in the tactor,
Babba drive it too?
Nah! think I’ll wait for Dadda
He knows just what to do.

Need a chainsaw, Nana,
 which stick will I choose?
That’s too jaggy, that’s too small
And ‘Nah’ that one’s no use!         

 Joo-joo-joo-joo- joo- joo- joo!
Think you could make that sound?
And I’ll chop up this great big tree
That’s fallen to the ground.

Nana get the barrow!
Silly cookie Nana!
See babba, babba do it!

Quad, quad coming Nana!
Wonah! Come here now!
Nana hold the babba’s hand!
Brrmm brrmm brrmm, oh wow!

There goes Angy, Nana, 
Not – ‘Sandy’ – as you said!
Listen closely Nana!
Get it in your head!                     

Faye is Angy shepherd’s wife,
And Kay comes from Down Under,
But you said Faye instead of Kay
And made an awful blunder! 

I really try to keep you right,
But you’re too busy singing
And saying all those poems and rhymes
My poor wee ears are ringing!

‘Humpty Dumpty,’ ‘This is the Way
And some old chap called ‘Finniegan,’
‘Roly Poly’, ‘Buckle My Shoe,’
 And then they all begin again!

But I’ve watched you watching me, Nana
I know you read my mind,
I know you’re reading what I’d say,
 If I only words could find…

I’d say my home’s a magic place
With lots of sounds to hear.
From robins, pheasants, woodpeckers
From sheep and running deer.

The fall of axe on chopping block,
Water rushing over stones,
The hooting owl, the sighing trees
Dispersing seeds and cones.

The barking of the blessed dogs,
The new lambs’ shivering cries,
The calls of ducks and seabirds
As they swirl about the skies.

And don’t my eyes devour a feast
From grey dawn until night,
From first rays of the morning sun
To moon’s silver delight

The snowdrops early in the year
Then golden daffodils,
The splendid cherry blossom trees
And bluebells on the hills.

The yellow gorse, the showy ferns
The larch, the fir, the pine,
I drink it in through eyes and ears,
I breathe it. It is mine.

Are you tired yet, Nana?
Are your feet a wee bit sore?
Well I’m sorry there’s no time to stop
We’ve still to do lots more.

There’s moss to scrape from all those trees,
There are holes we’ve still to drill,
I haven’t jumped my highest yet,
I haven’t climbed that hill.

Nana, see the tractor trail?
Come squelch, squelch in the mud,
Look, this is how you climb a fence,
Wow a puddle! This is good!

Uh – oh! Watch out for the jaggy branch!
Nanatuchit! Oh no!
Suffering succotash, Nana!
I told you not to go!

We’re at the castle now, Nana,
And I hear another noise,
There is lots and lots of shouting
Look it’s Annie and the boys

Bye Rory, George and Annie
Sorry we cannot stay!
I’m taking Nana to Inver
We’ll call another day.                               

We’ve seen two planes now, Nana
And look coming ‘Parky’s cah!
He’s got the trailer on the back
D’you think he’s going far?

Onto the bridge with stones in hand,
Reach up on tippy toes,
Splash, splash! We hit the target well
With sure and steady throw

The caravan park’s at last in sight
And what is this I hear
The tractor’s busy cutting grass
With Euan there to steer.

I think that work’s progressing well
I’ll take a break. I’ll risk it.
I’m sure they’ll all keep working hard
Nana coffee?…Babba biskit!!      

Not far now, Nana, soon be there,
Can you smell it?….smell the sea?
Nana, Wonah running fast!
Stay, Wonah! Wait for me!

Is that my Granny’s car I see?
Do I hear her whistle screech?
She is shouting, ‘Connie! Connie! Come!’
Look! There’s Connie on the beach!

Hi Georgie, Alex, Bumpy!
Can’t stop! Can’t stop! Can’t stop!
Just one more jump, another step
A tiny, little hop.

I feel them close as close can be,
A snuggle, a *buggle’s near,
Mama! Dada! Heaven’s reached!
Babba’s coming…Babba’s here!




Nana x
April 2007


*buggle – a hug