You’ve Been Tangoed…!

54c9370e-9dc8-4c83-9fe3-57bac0a8641aSo, Johnnie is out of ‘Strictly’. How do I feel about it? I’m fine with it actually. If, however, I’d had to listen to any more criticism of his footwork, balance, posture – in particular his ‘sticking out bum’ from judges who could not possibly have had any idea of the pressures he had put himself under ( obviously encouraged by others) I just might have exploded.

‘Strictly Come Dancing’ is not merely an exhibition, it is a competition, DAAAAHLING, – a DAAAAHNCING competition – and that would assume that all competitors start off on a level playing field (or daaahnce floor), otherwise there is a huge question to be raised about fairness . I found it stressful to watch Johnnie dance, not because his movement around the floor was anything other than AH-MAY-ZING as was his progress week on week, but because in my heart of hearts I knew he had no chance of winning…….What exactly do you think the producers of the programme had in mind when booking Johnnie?
There was so much to admire in Johnnie’s performances viz., his tremendous courage, his dedication, his stamina, his progress – but – and it’s a big but (unlike Johnnie’s!) – it’ jist wisnae ferr’…..neither to Johnnie, to the other competitors nor to the voting public……
So there!

I am all for inclusion, but, as I have already pointed out ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ is a competition… therefore there should be basic requirements for entry in order to ensure ‘fair play’. It’s controversial enough that some competitors come with no little ‘dancing experience’ under their sparkly costumes….but this I can overlook since many a ‘rookie’, given the chance and expert tuition (and those professional dancers are amazing!) has come out on top. But, come on…..

And now I feel bad having brought this up….and yet I don’t. I mean why was it necessary to create the Paralympic Games….?…..this is a rhetorical question by the way……..or is all fair in love and war….. and competitions? I think not.
1eba77389115a369309b4b73e9bf65c8-teaching-philosophy-classroom-quotesOver the years, children have been increasingly encouraged to ‘reach for the stars’…. been told that the world is their oyster…… the sky’s the limit…. anything is possible…..look at….at….at….. Eddie the Eagle, Donald Trump, The Naked Rambler….. I know, I know, I’m being facetious….but I wish to make a point.13faaca7473d9b99db1e996a78a11def-growth-mindset-quotes-growth-mindset-display We are all born with potential but even the most sympathetic teacher shouldn’t imbue false hope in a child if that child does not meet the necessary criteria to pursue a particular path in life.
Being taught to acknowledge and accept our own shortcomings is surely as important as being encouraged to recognise and develop our talents……. and it is just as important that all children be taught to respect and celebrate the differences in each other.stars

A story from the Job Centre some years ago, tells of the school leaver who announced, with a straight face and no leaving certificate, that he was interested in becoming an astronaut.vector-astronaut-character-standing-on-some-planet-with-a-flag-in-the-space_7562-71 That was indeed a challenge for the collective brains of the local Job Centre staff……for the entire Employment Service in North Lanarkshire, Scotland, U.K., Europe and in the wider world. Now what kind of careers guidance had he been given in school…….. I mean it’s not rocket science, surely! 

PS. I do believe a suitable position was found for him where he was able to study the ‘stars’ at close range. x880979

……and he’s so happy!

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