….Every Child is Special…

It is with great sadness that I learn about the further demise of standards in education. What on earth is wrong? (As a retired primary school teacher, I have my own opinions, some of which I have stated in previous blogs….)Where does one start, though, to unravel the great ‘big ball of fankled wool’ that is our education system? Continue reading


I’ve been trying to choose a starting point. Should it be Europe,imgres-1.png America, Syria,the NHS, Teaching, Gender Disappointment (!), Nature v. Nurture, Whistle Blowers, Saving the UK from  Aliens ( BBC Radio 4 Play, starring one Nicola Sturgeon (yes, the very same) as yet to be broadcast, Immigration, the Oscars….  or people who begin every sentence with the word,’So’…………!!!!!        Continue reading