…’Can’t Buy Me Love’…

‘Maureen,’ said my neighbour some years ago,’ can you imagine what it’s like to be ridiculously wealthy?’
‘Don’t bother with an answer,’ he interrupted, ‘for I guarantee you can’t….’
He and his wife had just returned from their holiday home abroad which they visited twice a year. caribbean-island-hammock
Now… I thought that they were ridiculously wealthy……. judging by their lifestyle, and, tongue in cheek, I told him so. He laughed.
‘You think? We don’t come close!’
‘Well then, in answer to your original question … no, I can’t imagine what being ridiculously wealthy would be like. What made you ask?’ Continue reading

It’s a Rollover…

Now, be honest! Who can truthfully say that they have never asked, implored, or beseeched the Good Lord to let them win The Lottery? Surely it can’t just be me! I have even resorted to a little blackmail: Dear Lord, if you let me win this week, I will see to it that others get a share. You see I’m not remotely greedy, I just want to be the ‘Bringer of Wealth and Joy’ to the world… well the nation….. county?…town?….street?…neighbour? NO ONE PERSON needs a prize of forty seven million pounds but let ME win and I’ll start by making forty six other unsuspecting people, millionaires! I think that is a very reasonable argument. (Some of you, with a maths degree, may have noticed that I am holding onto a million for myself -well giving it ALL away would be quite mad don’t you think?)  Continue reading