…A (To)matter of Taste….

I’m going to say it……no, I’m going to shout it….images-3.jpgI’m fed up with supermarkets! So there!
I miss shopping at the local grocer’s/ butchers/ baker’s/ fishmonger’s…… I miss the characters, the friendliness, the skills, the ‘honesty and freshness’ of the produce ……. and besides…. I overspend at the supermarket.

Parking is such sweet sorrow…

‘ Is that you all sorted for Christmas then?’ If I, in this season of goodwill, wish to be mischievous and spread misery, despair and panic then I answer ‘Yes!’  to this most irritating of questions, all the while smiling broadly. People (noticeably) ‘go off you’. You might get a very dry, ‘Oh, good for you…’ or, ‘I might have known you’d have everything done!’ or ‘Well, you’ve got nothing else to do with your time….’. I let them wallow briefly before admitting my real situation. Those who know me best say simply, ‘Aye right…pull the other one….’   Continue reading