D’you think I came up the Clyde in a Gondola…

Many moons ago, B.S.P.( Before Strathclyde Park ) there was a well known town councillor, let’s call him ‘BB’ who was famous for his many ‘gaffes’. I was present at a concert when, in his opening remarks he expressed his great delight and gratitude that such a dense audience had turned out to support the event. At one meeting there was a discussion about The Clyde Park, as it was then known, and how it could be made more attractive and visitor friendly. One councillor, who had obviously enjoyed a taste of foreign travel, suggested putting a gondola on the river.


This certainly got everyone’s attention including ‘BB’s, who, mindful of the cost to the good citizens of the burgh suggested that the purchase of not one but two gondolas would, in the long term, be a better and wiser move. When asked to expand on his opinion he said, in all seriousness, ‘Well….. they could mate’………

I was reminded of this little anecdote as I sat in the long suffering  traffic queues at the Raith Interchange near Bothwell – thank heavens I wasn’t driving – and allowed my mind to wander and even wonder about the number of traffic cones in use at present  in and around the Central Belt of Scotland…….. their numbers, like our bunny friends, seem to increase daily…… have you noticed? images-8.jpgDoes anyone know from whence they come? Where is ‘The Cone Factory’ and who is the millionaire in charge?  Is it too late to buy shares in the company? Most of all, I really, really want to know who invented them …… a descendant of ‘BB’ by any chance………?!

All joking aside the improvement works at the Raith Interchange is a mammoth project – one which I cannot get my head round never mind my car! From the original drawings to the project management I have to take my hard hat off to all involved. Now, assuming that everyone has a copy of the same plan(!) and that everything eventually ‘joins up’ as it should, there will be a new underpass providing a free flow link for traffic between the Bellshill Bypass and the East Kilbride Expressway. Three new bridges will cater for local traffic while a new cycleway/walkway will provide much improved accessibility and safety between Bothwell and Strathclyde Park. This is the goal of the various teams of workers, who, like yellow-coated ants,
images-10.jpgseem to move randomly  up and down, backwards and forwards, to and fro, over and under their widespread, imgres-2.jpgchaotic colony trying to ‘join up the dots’…. or is it the cones…… in order to bring it all to fruition. I just hope someone’s been making a documentary about the whole thing, because I, for one, would love to see how such a project is managed and overseen. ‘One’ completion date is Spring 2017 in the meantime ‘Transport Scotland,’ ………..’Cone Yersel!’

….and speaking of managing mammoth tasks…. 

images Some weeks ago, I praised my local council for the prompt delivery of a new blue bin. The old, battered bin, which doesn’t have a lid, was not uplifted as promised so I ‘phoned last week to remind them. This week they removed my blue bin – but they removed my spanking new one…!! The one sans lid is still there….. looking very ‘blue’ indeed…………another ‘phone call then…… rubbish, isn’t it……. x

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