Outlook Fyne….

We are having a ‘spate’ of ‘illnesses’ in the family at the moment. If I didn’t know any better I’d say that ‘someone’s out to get us’!!… now let me think ……. who could that be …. surely there’s no one that nasty out there…….. 

Take light bulbs for instance – if one goes there’s generally another and another popping their filaments (or whatever!) in sympathy. Well, at the moment we, in our extended family, have everything from sore throats to conjunctivitis, to severe allergic reactions, to gastric problems, to mobility problems to ….. oh that’s enough to be going on with! I feel I am working for the NHS –  ‘Nana’s Health Service’ – fielding medical queries and advising on how to cope until appointments are secured or due…… in some cases more than a week away!images-6.jpg

In exasperation I find I am searching for answers from my own childhood – what did mother do? For starters she was not hugely sympathetic to ‘sick weans’ – she was very matter of fact and it was extremely difficult to resist her ‘bedside manner'(!) In our medicine chest (the all purpose drawer) the following random cures could be found : Continue reading

A ‘Dream’Come True….

Thanks to my sister’s granddaughter, I was at The Citizens Theatre last week, to see her ‘perform with’ none other than The Royal Shakespeare Company. images-2.pngThe granddaughter in question had been specially chosen along with some other lucky pupils from her school, to be one of  Titania’s fairies. This ground-breaking production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Play for the Nation’ sees the company of 18 professional actors work alongside amateur actors who play Shakespeare’s ‘Rude Mechanicals’ and local schoolchildren who play Titania’s fairy train. The show is currently touring the 12 regions of the UK, working with local amateur companies in their home towns before returning to Stratford for Midsummer, as part of the fantastic programme of summer events  marking the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.  Continue reading

Sowing the Seed…

So …. here’s the thing. Since I decried all those people who start every sentence with ‘so’, I have become one of ‘those people’. When I write the word down I can always remove it but when I say it – it remains said. I even have a relative who takes great delight in counting the number of times I actually say it (the so-and -so!!). Oh, I am truly sorry, it is my firm intention to make a conscious effort never again to do so. (…oops… well at least this one’s at the end of the sentence…) Continue reading