Guardians of the Gaelix-eh?

Wh-wh-wh-wh-it?! Every child  in Scotland is to have a ‘specially appointed’ guardian…. …seriously? I cannot quite get my head around this fantasmagorical concept and what it will mean for family life as we know it. Who are we paying to think up this *!@$%&!!? I have images of all sorts spinning around in my head, ludicrous scenarios exploding like popcorn in my fevered imagination so  forgive me if I rant or ramble.pi78B6p5T.jpg Continue reading

Step we Gaily….

It is now Friday……already! Last week, at this time, I was packing(and unpacking….. should I take?…..will I need?…..) a bag to go up to ‘The Strath’ (Strathlachlan, Loch Fyne) to see ‘my boys'(and Jas of course!). Sounds straightforward – well not if you’re me.

My heating had broken down the day before and the engineer diagnosed a fault in the boiler. A new !@$%&* was needed and it had to be ‘sent for’…… could be Monday…..sorry……

I couldn’t use my own shower on the morning of my departure. I had therefore to make use of the facilities in the bathroom. ‘So what?’ I hear you say (I’ll ignore the fact that you used ‘SO’!) ‘Lucky you having a choice’……Yes, yes, yes, spare me the lecture…… ! I am not looking for sympathy here but I do have a route and a routine which I follow every morning when the body rises AND IT DOES NOT INCLUDE CLIMBING OVER A BATH! This new activity required serious planning.The following points had to be addressed: Continue reading

Outlook Fyne….

We are having a ‘spate’ of ‘illnesses’ in the family at the moment. If I didn’t know any better I’d say that ‘someone’s out to get us’!!… now let me think ……. who could that be …. surely there’s no one that nasty out there…….. 

Take light bulbs for instance – if one goes there’s generally another and another popping their filaments (or whatever!) in sympathy. Well, at the moment we, in our extended family, have everything from sore throats to conjunctivitis, to severe allergic reactions, to gastric problems, to mobility problems to ….. oh that’s enough to be going on with! I feel I am working for the NHS –  ‘Nana’s Health Service’ – fielding medical queries and advising on how to cope until appointments are secured or due…… in some cases more than a week away!images-6.jpg

In exasperation I find I am searching for answers from my own childhood – what did mother do? For starters she was not hugely sympathetic to ‘sick weans’ – she was very matter of fact and it was extremely difficult to resist her ‘bedside manner'(!) In our medicine chest (the all purpose drawer) the following random cures could be found : Continue reading