Step we Gaily….

It is now Friday……already! Last week, at this time, I was packing(and unpacking….. should I take?…..will I need?…..) a bag to go up to ‘The Strath’ (Strathlachlan, Loch Fyne) to see ‘my boys'(and Jas of course!). Sounds straightforward – well not if you’re me.

My heating had broken down the day before and the engineer diagnosed a fault in the boiler. A new !@$%&* was needed and it had to be ‘sent for’…… could be Monday…..sorry……

I couldn’t use my own shower on the morning of my departure. I had therefore to make use of the facilities in the bathroom. ‘So what?’ I hear you say (I’ll ignore the fact that you used ‘SO’!) ‘Lucky you having a choice’……Yes, yes, yes, spare me the lecture…… ! I am not looking for sympathy here but I do have a route and a routine which I follow every morning when the body rises AND IT DOES NOT INCLUDE CLIMBING OVER A BATH! This new activity required serious planning.The following points had to be addressed: Continue reading