There’s more than one way to dress a tree…

Update on the decor front: I have now decanted all boxes and bags recovered from my storage unit last Wednesday, only to find a plethera of absolutely no baubles, beads or the favourite little whimsical tree, much loved by everyone. I think that if I were to return to the storage unit to find the rogue box/es I would simply lock myself in and use the treasure to decorate the contents therein. There are seating/sleeping facilities, a display unit, console table, coffee table and garden furniture which could be dragged out for some pre-Christmas chestnut roasting, even though there is no ‘open fire’ (now I’m singing again!…). 

Yesterday, the family arrived to find my ‘baubleless’ tree up and wearing some fashion forward bling. The December 1st candle (from the fragrant Yankee Candle Advent Calendar) was flickering on the mantlepiece.

‘You know this is only the 29th of November today Nana? I’ll just blow this out for you,’ said Ciara, highly amused.

Well of course I knew it was only the 29th November…still it came as a shock, especially as I realised I was ahead of the game. Speaking of game, we are always inventing new ones. Yesterday’s topic was to give a seasonal twist to film titles e.g.

‘A Few Good Snowmen’

 ‘Singing in the Reindeer’                                                                                                            

 ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Carols’                                                                                    

 ‘Me, My Elf & Irene’                                                                                                      

 I’m sure, dear reader, you can easily add to the list….

Fortunately nobody mentioned the fact that my beads and balls were missing (!) so I will not be re-visiting my ‘second home’ this side of Christmas…. yule be pleased to hear…. 


……..and so the tree stands



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