So…here’s the thing, I have lots to say but don’t quite know where to start. Let’s go with what is at the forefront of my mind. Somebody, somewhere within my hearing announced that Christmas was just over four weeks away! I immediately booked my brother-in-law for a morning out to my storage unit. Yes, you heard me correctly, I have a storage unit and a brother-in-law and sister who are always ready to answer my distress calls.

‘A storage unit? Why on earth do you have a storage unit?’  I hear you ask. This much longer story will be told at a later date (you lucky people!). 

The distress in this case was due to my sudden realisation that all my ‘baubles’ seemed so far away…. (I can’t get past this line…I keep singing it over and over….) Apologies for the use of the word ‘distress’ I don’t mean to make a drama out of a crisis! Oh dear, I didn’t mean to use the word ‘crisis’ either. This was merely a recovery operation to release all my Christmas paraphernalia which has been under lock and key in its joyless cell for almost two years now. Five large boxes and an enormous Christmas tree bag containing not one, not two but ‘tree’ trees have at last been released into my custody once more and now I can’t move for blinking baubles, frosted fruits, ruddy wreaths, assorted angels, smiling santas…. and a partridge in a pear tree!

This Christmas should see some unavoidable redundancies in the decor department: armless angels, wingless cherubs, a beardless Santa, featurless carol singers, legless skaters, tangled tinsel and a whole line-up of grinning snowmen ….. all must go! I don’t have the room anymore. Space is at a premium and I need room for important things like my crib.

Advent is nigh – there’s lots to be done but I think I’ll have a little Pinot Grigio till that thought passes …. after all there’s  four whole weeks till Christmas ….. no rush …. 

…. come to think of it, I could move into my storage unit for the season… 


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