Love my neighbour….

I’ve just come back from my neighbour’s house. It is 2142hrs and I’m feeling happy. Now that is probably down to the three large glasses of Pino Grigio, The Good Fairy’s home made pizza with garlic bread and the scintillating conversation. I had to walk home( two metres at the most) but even this has not dampened my mood so I just want to sing her praises.

‘Mavis the Fairy’ as her brother calls her, loves to cook ….. and I, with Sam, get to enjoy the fruits of her labours…. oven fresh! Apart from my dinners this week, I have enjoyed a fruit loaf, a date and walnut loaf and an apricot tea loaf…… (now you can understand why I’m so well ‘bred’) and no, I don’t eat a whole loaf at once although one of them had to be forcibly removed from under the bread knife as I attempted to cut off a third consecutive slice.images-3.png I find that these ‘plainer’ treats (spread with butter!) are so more-ish with a good cup of tea. I cannot drink a cup of tea on its own. It has to have an accompaniment….. a tea biscuit (desperate), a fig roll(controversial), a ‘piece’n jam'(nostalgic)or a hot cross bun (‘current’)… these all ‘fill my bill’ (pelican) when The Good Fairy is having a break. However, when she is working her magic, the smells that permeate the complex are most definitely to be sniffed at…….. apple and cinnamon cake ( I wish this was scratch and sniff!) toffee buns, chocolate cupcakes, empire biscuits ……. Continue reading