That’s Life…

 I cannot identify with the traumatic circumstances portrayed in‘River City’ this week but I’m sure thousands of viewers can. The presence of the ‘real child’ in those dramatic scenes coupled with the sensitive performances of the actors involved, drew me deeply into the tragedy. It’s 2244hrs and I’m still crying. I imagine that it will take the actors some time to recover from playing such emotionally charged roles but for those parents and extended families who have actually lived through such a situation there is no recovery.  

Losing someone you love is heartbreaking. The ‘timely’ passing of the elderly is difficult enough to bear, but in the case of infants in particular and young people whose parents survive them, it is so difficult to understand God’s plan, don’t you think?

We all know something of grief so how would you describe it? I would say it’s like the unwelcome visitor who never leaves. It’s like a sore on your body which never quite heals. It’s like something you can’t ever be prepared for  – that huge, yawning black void which never quite closes over….

We just learn, as time passes, how to manage it, how to live with it –  knowing all the while that it has ‘changed’ you forever. Yesterday and today have been ‘Black Dog Days’ for me, so it is no surprise that I’ve had such an emotional response to tonight’s programme. However, it is now past my bedtime …… but there’s always time for another cup of tea …… and a bit of toast perhaps ……. before I tackle my nightly crossword ….. say my prayers and…… look forward to tomorrow…….


Wee Jimmy came rushing downstairs in something of a panic. ‘Mammy, mammy, you’d better come quick!’

‘What’s the problem?’ asked Mum.

‘Well y’know how the teacher telt us that we wur dust and into dust we wid return?’

‘Yes,’ said Mum cautiously.

‘Well you’d better come up tae ma room ‘cos there’s someb’dy either comin’ or goin’ under ma bed!’

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