Mind how you go…..

We can be extremely thoughtless at times in the way we ‘abuse’ our language……..’I’m starving!’ – (you’re hungry)…..’I’m dying for a drink!’ – (you’re thirsty) ……..’I’m exhausted!’ – (you’re tired)….. ‘I’m freezing!’ – ( you’re really cold)……. ‘I’m going out of my mind’ – (you’re under pressure)……… however as we well know, there are millions of people who really are starving, thirsty, exhausted, freezing and under intolerable pressure……. and have no one to care or alleviate their situation. Addressing their bodily needs is one thing but what of matters of the mind? Continue reading

My Funny Valentine…..

This little message is for the heartbroken and all singletons who have no expectation of receiving a Valentine.images-5.jpg

The teacher was explaining to her P7 class the importance and function of the heart. ‘Basically,’ she said, ‘the heart is a pump.’ On the board she proceeded to draw a diagram of the heart which she then instructed the class to copy into their notebooks. After a period of industrious silence she became aware of stifled laughter and the passing of notes around the room. These she intercepted and put into a drawer before continuing with the lesson. She had to wait till the children had left at lunchtime before reading the notes. She was glad she had waited.   Continue reading