Chigflicks Goes Stateside

….are the stars at night as big and bright as they are deep in the heart of Motherwell..?…Is the prairie moon just like perfume…and how would YOU know if you are deep in the heart of a cinema? xx


Howdy folks!

I don’t know if you know – I’ve tried to keep it quiet (not!) – but I am currently on a week long trip to San Antonio, Texas. I’m here with my friend, Galen, to attend the second annual PAX South convention which started today and I am super excited! We’ve been here since Wednesday night and so far we are loving it – the weather has been beautiful, the city is really cool and the people are very friendly plus they love my accent. It’s great! We had decided for our first day we would spend our time preparing for PAX by locating the convention centre, buying anything that we had forgotten to pack at home and just generally exploring. You’re probably wondering how this is relevant to my blog, and that will become clear in time…

Before I go any further though, I should explain that…

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3 thoughts on “Chigflicks Goes Stateside

    • Hi Nana! Just saw this now, so PAX is an acronym for Penny Arcade Expo and it’s a convention celebrating gaming and the culture that surrounds it. So, there are panels of professionals who discuss different aspects of the gaming world, booths selling merchandise and showing off games made by both big developers and small, independents as well! Lots of people dress up as their favourite characters and it’s a lot of fun! Hope that explains it x

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