Just a Few Words…

My father died in 1975. I dreamt about him last night. Hence the blog. papa's girl copy2.jpg

‘Spring is here – the grass is ris – I wonder where the boidies is – The boids are on the wing – but that’s absoid – from what I’ve hoid – the wing is on the boid!’

This is just one of the many ‘classical’ verses taught to me by my father. This one heralded this exact time of year when nature was doing the opposite of ‘the nights are fair drawin’ in’! He seemed to have a saying or verse for every occasion ….. He could be so funny and yet often so morose. He came into his own, in company, when singing and when his horses won! He was a very clever and talented man who had been denied opportunities to have his talents recognised. Things just never seemed to go his way. Fortunately music was his passion and he had a beautiful tenor voice…… and oh how he could sing!  Continue reading