Just been talking to a dear friend. She reminded me of an occasion which I thought I would share with you.  

I had gone to the office in one of the schools I visited, hoping to acquire a sticking plaster for my thumb (argument with a drawing pin). My friend was in attendance but began to ‘play up’ the fact that my thumb was actually bleeding.’We have to be very careful now, Mrs Mac, when ministering to the sick and injured. Let me prepare myself,’ and she removed from the filing cabinet an impressive looking First Aid Kit. Opening the box she took out a pair of surgical gloves which she proceeded to put on. Meantime I was fast running out of tissues. ‘I’m just looking for a plaster,’ I pleaded.

‘I have to ask some questions first,’ she replied. ‘It’s procedure.’

‘Fire away,’ said I, joining in the charade.

‘First question, then. Do you take drugs?’

‘No, I do not take drugs.’

‘Next question – do you have Aids?’ she asked as she struggled to keep a straight face.

‘No I do not have Aids,’ I volunteered solemnly.

‘Have you ever been in contact with anyone who does have Aids?’ she chuckled.images-1.png

‘Yes, I have.’ She stops chuckling.

‘You have? Really? Oh listen, Mrs Mac, I’m really sorry – I was only…’

‘No, no, we must follow procedure,’ I interrupted gravely, ‘I actually am in contact daily with someone who has aids….’ her face was a study – ‘my husband – he has hearing aids…. two to be exact…….. now may I please have a blooming plaster!!’

We laugh a lot. I love my friends 

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