…Go to pot…

The following extracts are taken fromnorthlanarkshire.gov.uk  – re Strathclyde Country Park.

‘Mature woodlands, rough wetlands, wildlife refuges and neat open parkland all surround Strathclyde Loch, a man made loch created in the early 1970s by flooding the old mining village of Bothwellhaugh. However the history of the park can be traced as far back as the Romans with remains of Bothwellhaugh Roman Fort and a Roman bath house and arched Roman bridge within the park. Additionally the site of the Battle of Bothwell Bridge (1679) is located to the north west of the park.’

‘Throughout the year the park is host to various major events including world class international rowing regattas, music events, triathlons, 5k and 10k races, fireworks events, Countryside Ranger Service activities and various club activities; some of our events attract upwards of 100,000 visitors.’

Now I think this is impressive stuff. I would want to take my visitors there – wouldn’t you?
Beautiful trees and parkland, perfect lake, good boating facilities, walkers, joggers, cyclists and photographers (check out motherwell past and present website for beautiful pictures!)

I went walking in Strathclyde Park last week. The ‘Good Fairy’ says…..if I continue complaining about ‘stuff’ she’s not ‘bringing me back’….. however, she knows I’m right. In areas of the park… it’s fine. In other areas… it’s…… disappointing to say the least.

It was, though, exhilirating to see the activity on and around the lakeside, people of all ages making the most of the summer sunshine – whether pulling on oars, walking their dogs, enjoying a little picnic or just sitting watching the world and the waterbirds go by. It is true….. walking (at leisure) does give one the ‘feel good factor’.

‘Let’s go for a drink,’ I suggested… ( there is ALWAYS time for coffee in my book!) The only facility on our side of the lake was a good steep flight of stairs upwards (is there a lift for the less fit I wonder?) so we made the climb to the modest cafeteria.

‘Let’s sit outside,’ I suggested and so we took ourselves onto the expansive balcony which overlooks the lake. What a view……. and what a bitter disappointment.

Yes, yes, yes! I have a highly colourful imagination and could immediately see the potential of the area but there was not even one plant to soothe my fevered brow.images What could have been an oasis of calm, a sensory experience of perfume and colour was drab and soulless and the picnic tables ( you know the ones with the benches attached?….. and try parking yourself there ‘elegantly’!) were in dire need of a paint job. What a let down! What a waste of an opportunity to show ‘Motherwell in bloom’ instead of, in my case, a  ‘bloomin’ Motherwell’ reaction!

Isn’t there a ‘toon coonciller’ with a smidgeon of creativity who can see what many of we (and big!) citizens see? Is it a lack of money?…..lack of motivation, imagination?…..lack of time, planning?….. what???!!! This is a world renown area – good grief don’t get me started on the ‘Roman Ruins’ and lack of imaginative presentation on those sites…… or the proximity of the fairground to the public path……. the very comfortable ‘Alona’ could do with a bit of ‘distance’ from the path to give it more ‘presence’………. and before anyone thinks I’m asking for the aforementioned properties to be removed……. just re-route the path!!….

images-9I am reminded of an incident when I was young. I returned from school one day to see ‘our back door’ being carted down the street by two workmen.
‘Mammy!’ I shouted in alarm as I skipped through the nearest opening we ever got to a patio door, ‘our back door’s away down the street!’ 
‘It’ll no’ be long till it’s back, hen,’ replied mater with a look of disgust, ‘the joiner’s just taken it down to his van to fit a new lock on it…’
‘But, Mammy…..’
‘Don’t even ask…..!!’ 

Now I am not for a moment suggesting that we have a ‘Disnae World’ in Motherwell but if we want to attract visitors (and want them to return) we must make more of our natural ‘beauty spots’…… eg., think more about the lakeside cafe and its environment….. I mean ……does it have to close at 4pm in summertime.?……food and drink for thought perhaps?
Oh and another thing……. 

images-5                             images-5

……….. my moaning has come to an abrupt end. There is yet more news about Manchester…….
WW111 continues, sharply reminding me that life, for many, is no walk in the park……..so forgive me……I am sickened……. I really have nothing more to complain about right now. x



          June 1st 2017                
Hugh’s 15th Anniversary
Requiescat in pace 

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