Scotland the BRRR-ave…

I don’t know where you were yesterday or where you are today but I just want you to know that the sun is shining brightly for the second consecutive day and it is actually warm here in Motherwell-sur-Clyde.

Shorts and strappy vests, flowery shirts and sun hats, toeless and heel-less sandals and flip flops are enhancing our dull streets as I write – and that’s just the men! I can detect faint sounds of lawns being cut, patios being swept and barbecue grills being scraped …… A blanket or two has appeared on an outside washing line and plants are being lowered into soggy, cold garden beds…..Suffering Succotash! IT IS STILL APRIL!! STOP IT! It is much too early for ‘taps aff’!!

Layers should be removed g- r- a -a- a- d -u- a- a- a-l- l- y over the next few weeks, surely. I mean how long has this present heatwave to last?….. another month, another week, another day?The Good Fairy made me laugh when she reminded me of a typical Scottish Weather Report:

britlife copy.jpg   7am – Baltic!        

10am – taps aff!

12 noon – taps aff!

4pm – taps aff

6pm -taps oan

8pm – jumpers oan!

9pm – fires oan!

‘Ne’er cast a cloot’ we were told, ’till May is oot!’ Now, come on, too much bare skin at this time of the year is just laughing in the face of ‘fate’……stop it now! You must have at least one tee shirt with a sleeve in it which could be worn to show that yes, you are aware of the approaching summer season but you are sensibly waiting for the daffodils to wilt before parading in your own multicoloured summer wardrobe……. besides, blue gooseflesh is not attractive on anyone. SO I beg you – hold your horses – let’s have ‘neigh mare’ beach wear on the town streets ……and then MAYbe we can enjoy JUNE ‘bustin’ out all over’…… if you know what I mean…….!

sun copy2.jpg

ps. I’m off to darn the knees of my bathing costume…….

One thought on “Scotland the BRRR-ave…

  1. Yes Maureen we are in sunny North Betwick and it has been lovely, quite warm but not warm enough for taps aff. Quite a number on the campsite were in shorts yesterday! Malcolm still has his thermal vest on plus two more winter layers!! He was a bit adventurous yesterday and went over to the shower block wearing his t shirt 😄 .


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